Solace Spine Care Mattress

Sleep High Solace Super Spine Model Especially Design For Preventing A Backpain, With The Feeling Of 7 Star Luxurious With Years Of Durability.

Therefore Who Says We Cannot Feel Both Together (Luxury And Spine Pain Relief). This Model Consist Spring, Rebounded Foam , Latex Foam , Memory Foam With Foam Encasement Bordering To Give A Better Quality , Better Stability And Better Flexibility, Due To This Qualities ,The Result Of This Model In Mattresses World Achieved More And More Demand.



  • This model is called triple core technology there fore Major part in this mattress is spring unit (with dual tempering system) for luxurious , rebounded is installed for spine relief and latex & memory especially given to increase a luxurious natural comfort & many more material is used in this product to give right satisfaction for customer.


  • Netted Fabric 350gsm Combined With Fibre Roll And Peeled 30mm Foam Rolls All This Together Quilted With Premium Topper Design, Therefore Quantity Of The Quilting Thickness Specified According To The Mattress Depth.


  • Luxurious, 0% heat generation, spine relief, durability.


  • The capacity of the spring is 1 ton, remaining parts are being role of comfort only therefore if customers maintain neat and clean house keeping for the remaining parts of the mattress according to tips of direction of use, then you can expect years of more durability.