Ortho Comfort Mattress
  • Sleep High Ortho Comfort Model Especially Design For Preventing A Backpain, Its Offer Support For Your Body And “More Resilient” Than Other Mattress And Value Ensures Air Circulation Provides Maximum Comfort And Health.
  • The Installed Specification Inside Provides Contour To The Body Exceptionally Well, And Their Cell Structure Enables Extreme Elasticity And Optimal Supporting Force.
  • This Model (Ortho Comfort) Distributes Pressure Across An Entire Surface, So They Help Mattress Block To The Transfer Of Motion From One Sleeper To Another.
  • This Model Is An Especially Featured For Those Who Share A Bed With A Restless Partner.


It contains rebounded foam ( with high density) and highest Grade of polyurethane Foam that is High Resiliency (HR) Foam , Super Soft foam .


Netted fabric with a premium quilting, Quantity of the quilting thickness Specified according to the mattress depth.


High Density Re-bonded foam ,High Density(HR) and (Super Soft) foam is constructed organically to give a right support for our back posture.

The elasticity of HR foam helps to prolong the comfort life of a mattress, so the more HR, SUPER SOFT FOAM inside of a mattress, the longer you can expect a mattress to retain its showroom level of comfort.


With a regular use, HR, SUPERSOFT FOAM should last for atleast 10 years, so mattress containing these foams typically carry a strong warranty .